What Customers Say About Coastal Lock & Key

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I can't believe you fixed a huge problem for me and my girlfriend once again! I highly appreciate and recommend you any day of the week. You saved me $1300 in a matter of minutes and fixed my Honda prelude ignition tumbler faster and more accurately than Honda could've even done. It works flawlessly and feels great along with it restored some features to my car like chimes and lock out security! My key works twice as good now :D I just want to say thanks and if there's any ways I can help you advertise your business let me know you guys deserve to be known as a great lock smith, probably the best in the lower mainland!

Robert, Surrey BC

Coastal Lock and Key ltd. has my business. Kudos to the professionalism. Without a doubt the most competent locksmiths I have ever needed.

After driving all around surrey visiting several locksmiths and getting numerous opinions but no real help. Frustrated after driving around for hours. I just happened to be driving home a different way and noticed Coastal Lock and Key Itd.'s nice neon sign.

Well after no luck anywhere else. I walked into a busy shop with unique plethora of keys and locks. I was excited, these guys look like they have been doing this a while and know their stuff.

So a short wait and a quick explanation. I drag Lance out to my vehicle were my mothers old travel trunk is and show him my conundrum. Myoid steamer trunk from 1947 is locked shut and keys are inside. Oops!

Well before you know it he has magically within minutes figured out how to make a key to fit. Lance was speedy and had it open in less time than my first locksmith visit. After being told everything from you won't find a key, you will have to break it and my favourite perhaps use a paper clip ??????

Alii can say I was very impressed with the speedy service and incredible knowledge to recognize myoid steamer trunk and figure out how to devise a key to get it open.

Thrilled to have the original keys back in hand and a spare incase. Not to mention the antic steamer trunk in all its splendour.

Fyi I also have an older tracker and could not find a replacement key for original that was worn down. Well at coastal they had it done again in minutes. Thanks Lance and crew for a great experience with an awesome outcome.

Kim, Surrey BC